CROWDSTRIKE FALCON Endpoint Protection

Protect from threat

Attackers are also researching loopholes in security products.
By introducing Falcon Prevent (NGAV Next Generation AntiVirus), Falcon Insight (EDR Endpoint Detection & Response), and Falcon Overwatch (Threat Hunting) as new wonder countermeasures that are created every day, the operational load is minimized and the security of the endpoint is strengthened.

  • NGAV
    Falcon Prevent

    Detects known and unknown malware by induction learning with no signatures.
    ◆Detect / block even offline
    ◆Defend fileless attacks
    ◆Lightweight agent

  • EDR
    Falcon Insight

    Detect suspicious activity and ensure stealthy attacks - and breaches - are stopped by in-depth analysis.
    ◆The terminal can be isolated remotely
    ◆Full real-time potential
    ◆Even if the attacker erases the trace, all actions can be grasped

  • Threat Hunting
    Falcon Overwatch

    Professionals monitor behavior 24/7 and detect advanced attacks that EDR cannot detect.


CROWDSTRIKE FALCON is a platform designed with a focus on breach prevention. One platform can manage PC clients, servers, mobiles, and various environments. No need for multiple management consoles.

  • Easy introduction and operation

    Since the management server is provided as a cloud service, there is no need to build it, it will be upgraded automatically, with no reboot.

  • Endpoint

    Various functions of endpoint security such as USB control, vulnerability management, IT asset management and automatic analysis are realized with a single agent.

  • Light weight and load

    Various functions can be realized with one agent. In addition, the data written to the disk is under 100MB, and the CPU usage rate is less than 1% even during operation, which does not increase the load on the terminal network environment.

Less than half of all can be protected by conventional antivirus!

With conventional anti-virus products, there are various issues such as the rise of attacks that cannot be detected and prevented, and the barriers to dealing with and recovering from infections.
Next-generation antivirus products (NGAV) have the ability to detect and block by various detection methods, visualize incident status and malware behavior, realize lightweight agents and maintenance-free cloud environment, and resolve the problems of the conventional antivirus.

Full-time operation monitoring service

Full-time operation monitoring service

Outsource IT system management and concentrate on your own business!

ITIL expert qualification holder who is an IT system operation professional help your IT system management of your company. We can provide service to manage complicated system management.

【 Service flow 】

  • System monitoring and troubleshooting
    Monitor your system with a monitoring tool such as Zabbix. In the event of a failure, We will perform primary isolation and initial response for quick system recover used by automated tools.
    Except in the case of the automatic operations, our operator will be support.
  • Help desk
    We accept inquiries from customers at the integrated reception.
    If necessary, we will respond in cooperation with related parties and maintenance vendors.
    We accept requests such as telephone / email / ticket management tools.
  • Business agency
    We will perform the work necessary for providing the system / service based on the customer's request.
    It is possible to carry out not only spot work but also regular work.
  • Remote hand
    In the case of the failure situation and request, we will check the status of the equipment installed in the data center and perform physical operations on your behalf.
    Upon request, attendance at the data center and assist the maintenance vendor work are also possible.
  • Report creation
    We regularly obtain information from various tools and customer equipment.
    Create and analyze reports on system status and activity of various services.

【 Flow from requirement definition to operation start 】

If you are considering introducing it, please feel free to contact us. We will hear the requirements and propose the optimum operation.
First of all, please let us know your requests.