Reasons for choosing


Why Thelemaassist is chosen

System operation that is particular about quality

Thelemaassist Co., Ltd. has strengths in IT system operation management and operation design that are particular about quality. Among the many systems, we are engaged in many operations in important fields related to human life and property such as finance and medical care, in order to meet the needs of "cannot stop" and "cannot stop". We provide system operation that is particular about the quality of.
The system operation of Thelemaassist, which meets the high needs of customers, implements the ITIL process and complies with the ISO 20000 standard, which is the IT service provision management system standard.
Thelemaassist contributes to society through high-quality system operation.

Accumulate and share knowledge with abundant operational results

The most important thing for maintaining and improving the quality of system operation is the accumulation of knowledge such as precedents and experience. By anticipating risks from the design stage based on the knowledge gained from past operational results, we will be able to provide more accurate operational solutions.
There is no goal in efforts to improve the quality of system operation, and it will be refined by continuing the PDCA cycle from visualization of issues and risks to analysis and improvement.
By aiming for new heights while utilizing the existing knowledge assets, the system operation quality of Thelemaassist will evolve to become more powerful.

Fostering human resources to support the operation of high-quality systems

The system itself is maintained in operation by running a computer, but it is humans who design, establish, and monitor its operation scheme. It can be said that the ability of the people involved in this work is directly linked to operational quality.
You are qualified as an ITIL expert to develop your talent. It is a human resource who can play an active role in operation design, and objectively proves that he has the ability to maintain / manage high-quality system operation. Customers often ask us to assign a qualified ITIL expert to the field.
Thelemaassist is focusing on training ITIL experts, and has established a high-quality education system by inviting external specialist instructors for in-house training.
Raising people is an important mission of Thelemaassist, and we have made it our strength. We will continue to be a professional group that can firmly meet the needs of the ever-evolving IT society.

Proposing the ideal way of IT suitable for the age of AI and RPA

The world of IT has undergone major changes over and over again, with the spread of personal computers, the spread of the Internet, and the arrival of the smartphone era. And now, technologies such as AI and RPA are about to make a big difference for the next generation. In other words, it is full-scale business automation that utilizes artificial intelligence.
Computer automation is already progressing in routine work and simple work, but now we are in an era where AI will learn and automate more advanced tasks. In a declining population, labor shortages will inevitably become more serious, and the need for cost reduction will increase. AI and RPA are undergoing technological innovation to become the decisive factor.
Thelemaassist is building solutions for the era of business automation by leveraging its abundant knowledge. For example, smart speakers, which are not yet used for home use, may become more automated by using voice recognition communication as they enter the business field.
Thelemaassist always accurately grasps the flow of the times and helps customers solve problems and promote business with optimal proposals.