Career path

Thelemaassist prepares and implements career paths that allow employees to step up according to their direction, intentions, and characteristics.

Image of career path

Career path for each department

At Thelemaassist, each department has a career path that allows employees to receive a fair evaluation of their abilities and achievements and step up.

List of departments
  • ICT-Service Depertment
  • ICT-Solution Department
  • DX promotion
  • Specialist
  • Sales department
  • Managing section

Please see the PDF for the detailed career path of each department.

Thelemaassist has its own personnel evaluation system to develop human resources through the implementation and evaluation process of the above career path.

Personnel evaluation system

The personnel evaluation system is one of the organizational measures to realize the vision of Thelemaassist.

Business model
Providing high-quality monitoring service (system operation) 24/7/365
1. Society: Providing services that can contribute to society with system operation as the main business
2. Business model: Creating services that meet the changing times and customer needs
3. In-house: Create a corporate culture and culture that can create new businesses from the bottom up
Keep your high-quality system ready for use
To meet the customer's aspirations, acquire useful knowledge and skills so that we can always support what the customer wants to do.
Always consider the optimal solution for quality and efficiency, and finally make a choice that leads to high quality. Think with the ITIL framework.

What is the personnel policy? "What kind of human resources do you need to realize the vision of the organization?" It represents the company's way of thinking about "people."

Trust relationshipWith stakeholders
Build a relationship of trust
ResponsibilityFor organizations and operations
+ Communication
RespectRespect the opinions of others
Recognize values
AcquireLearn positively by yourself